N54 overhaul

before you post any comments regarding this work, there is no Walnut shell blasting service where I live.

The story started like this:
My car’s oil filter housing was leaking, so I decided to replace the gasket for the oil filter housing:

If you want to do that you will need the gaskets 11427537293 and (11427525335 oil cooled models only)

And it is better to replace the bolts:

11427540759 – 11427540763 – 11427540758 and 11427542983 x 3 and O-Ring for water hose 11537545278

You will need to drain the coolant and 1/2 liter engine oil to top up.

While the mechanic is working on that, I have discovered that the manifold vacuum plastic nipple is broken:

It is a common problem in N54’s manifold, so check your manifold ASAP.

So I have replaced the manifold, the old part number: 11617564678

The new one is: 11617564679
You may see numbers like 756467801 756467802 756467804 printed on it.

The intake valves was full of carbon build ups, So before you post any comments regarding this, there is no Walnut shell blasting service where I live.

my car mileage is 180,000 KM and it was manufactured in September 2006, so 8 years passed.

Later on , I came back to the shop and decided to do an engine overhaul

So here is the engine in the “blue operations room”:

And the empty engine-bay:

Attached to ZF 6HP21 transmission:

The valves and the cylinders after removing the cylinder head:

The ZF 6 speed automatic transmission alone:

The Required Parts:

Parts to open cylinder head for BMW 335i LHD Automatic E90 2007 VB71 Sedan European GCC specs (Manufactured 9/2006) (the job was done in Dec 2014 with 180,000 KM at that time):

Valve Stem Seal Kit – Intake

Valve Seal Repair Kit – Exhaust

Cylinder Head Gasket

Cylinder Head Gasket Set

The set includes:

11127565286 Valve Cover Gasket

11317534251 Gasket Ring

11367507729 (2 Pieces) O-ring

11367548459 (2 Pieces) VANOS Solenoid Valve Sealing Gasket set

11427537293 Oil Filter Housing Gasket

11537545278 O-ring

11617547242 Manifold Set of profile gaskets

11627558906 Gasket ring (6 Pieces)

12141748398 O-ring

13547522361 Throttle Body Gasket
Only applies to
13 54 7 556 118 up to Modification Index 03
13 54 7 556 119 up to Modification Index 05

13547582931 Throttle Body Gasket
Only applies to
13 54 7 556 118 starting at Modification Index 04
13 54 7 556 119 starting with Modification Index 06

18307553603 Down-pipe Exhaust Gasket (2 Pieces)

End of Cylinder Head Gasket Set
Gasket (oil cooled models only)

Cylinder Head Bolts – Set (one time use only)

Oil Pan Gasket

Turbo Oil Line Gasket No.7
11422246091 x 2

O-Ring No.5
Used to seal the oil and water lines for the turbochargers, 8 required for the coolant lines, 4 for the oil lines
11427558936 x 12

O-Ring – No.6
Used to seal the turbo oil pipes, 2 required
11427563453 x 2

Radiator Hose Gasket No.4
The gasket that seals the junction between the engine block and radiator hose

Turbo to Down-pipe Exhaust Gasket No.3 Gasket that is between the turbo and down pipes, 2 required
18307553601 X 2

V-Band Exhaust Clamp No.4
11657620508 X 2

PUSH ROD (Lifter) (you need to replace those ONLY if you have high mileage like me)
11337548690 x 24

Intercooler Pipe Seal No.19

Intercooler Piping Seal-Right No.3

Intercooler Pipe O-Ring No.2
13717568030 X 2

Rear Intake Pipe Gasket No.10
Gasket in between upper and lower intake hoses

Front Gasket Ring No.2

Crankshaft Seal – Front No.2

Crankshaft Seal – Rear No.1

Collar Screw No.13
Holds the camshaft gear to the camshaft. 2 per vehicle.
11367524954 x 2

Timing Chain Tensioner and Guide Rail

Slide Rail


Now the transmission parts ( I had a leak in my transmission):

Transfer Case Seal No.9

O-RING No.10

O-RING No.12

Transmission Sealing Sleeve
BMW: 24347588725
ZF: 0501 216 272

Transmission Pan Gasket (you don’t need to buy it if you will replace the transmission filter/pan)
BMW: 24117571235
ZF: 0501 323 156

You may want to change the transmission filter/pan if you have a leak (it comes with the above sealing sleeve)
BMW: 24152333907
ZF: 0501 216 244
ZF: 0501 220 297

Oil Pan Screws for “Plastic” Oil Pan (24)
ZF:0736 101 486

Transmission Oil pipe O-RING No.3
17227581147 x 2

1 out of 6 of my spark plugs was darker than the others, this indicates bad injector.

Now my injectors are the original old ones, never been replaced before, I couldn’t just replace only the bad injector because it is recommended to replace all six instead of mixing and matching. The index number is found on the head of the injector after the BMW part number. Example: 1353 7537317-10 “10” is the index number. With an index of 11 or greater, injectors may be replaced individually with a new injector. If the index is 10 or less, all 6 injectors in an inline-6 engine must be replaced. Injectors with index 10 and lower have a different calibration and construction than injectors with index 11 and higher.
Also the new injectors needs to be coded into the ECU, it is very important to write down all the information printed on the injector and on which cylinder before installing.

These are my injectors values ONLY. Yours will be something else.

These are my injectors values ONLY.
Yours will be something else.

The new part number for the injector:
13538616079 X 6 (you will see this number printed on it 13537585261)
Decoupling Element for fuel injector
13537564751 x 6

Spark Plugs
12120037244 X 6
Low Pressure Fuel Sensor No.7 (no need to replace this if you don’t have a faulty sensor like the one in my car)
13537614317 or “13537545725 Pipe with (13537614317 attached)” or the new one 13537622751 (Pipe with new sensor 13537622231 attached)







Oil and Filter Oil: 5W-40 or 0W-40 6.5 liters
Filter: 11427566327 Oil: 83210144456 x 7(0W-40)
Anti-Freeze coolant
83512355290 x 2
Hydraulic Power Steering Fluid
83290429576 x 2
Automatic transmission fluid 10L
83222220445 (1L New)
83222305396 (1L old)
83220142516 (comes in 20L)
ZF Lifeguard fluid 6 (1L) (ZF No. S671 090 255)

It is a 50 hours job! So think twice before you decide to open your BMW cylinder head.


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