BMW E90 335i projects blog with part numbers and photos



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  1. Hi there, I saw your website and its really interesting!
    I live in Canada and I drive Bmw 335i e90 sedan 2007, my transmission is 6HP19Z and I have the same symptoms that you described! I’m going to change all the seal o-ring with zip kit from sonnax!
    Instead to change all solenoid, My car has only 110000km so my mechanic said just change de o-ring of the solenoid, he don’t think they are already bad! But I want to make sure that the right kit for my transmission are the 1st generation! Can you take a look at the link and also transmission 6HP19Z and 6HP21 has the same internal parts? Let me know ASAP thanks!

      • Hello there, i installed everything except the solenoid, the transmission temperature is ok around 90 when is very hot, also I reset the adaptation but the problem still there! Rough shift, jerk downshift and jolt from 2nd to 1st! You have the same car, what you raccomend to do? Do you think that the solenoid are faulty?

      • A good transmission mechanic can diagnose the problem by applying pressure test to your mechatronic and solenoids to see if it is leaking vacuum or not.
        if you still have problems then you need a complete transmission overhaul, the overhaul kit is available here http://www.thectsc.com

        Good luck.

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